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Just tap your reordering tag for more coffee.


Our Coffee

Seasonally chosen single-origin omniroast beans, selected to simply deliver the best tasting coffee.

How it works

No SubscriptionS, no commitment.

1. Pick your coffee

Tell us what you want and we’ll match your preferences. No need to puzzle over which type of coffee to select.

2. Receive your coffee & reordering tag

You’ll receive a free reordering sticker alongside your first order.

3. Tap your tag to reorder

Simply tap your phone on your tag whenever you’re running low, and we’ll send you more coffee.

Complex Coffee Smart Coffee Reodering via NFC

wave good bye to automatic shipments

We’ll only send coffee when you ask us to.

No more stockpiles of stale subscription coffee – we’ve made it ultra-easy for you to get hold of our coffee through effortless ordering and replenishment.

Simply tap your phone on your coffee reordering sticker and we’ll send you more of the coffee you like.


A rich & satisfying espresso. Look for notes of dark chocolate, raspberry & dried papaya, leading to a clean, long-lasting finish. [Read More]

60% dark melted chocolate, a brightness of sour cherries, followed by the rich sweetness of roasted hazelnuts and a clean finish. [Read More]

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